Berkowitz Counseling Services  - There is a solution!
Hello and welcome. 
My name is Sharon Berkowitz.

An Allentown resident since 1979, I've been working in the counseling field, both public and private since 1998.

I earned my Licensed Professional Counselor status in 2006 and have enjoyed supervising LPC candidates since 2010. I'm a member of WPATH, ACA, and PCA.

 I've been in my current office since 2006. It is centrally located in Allentown, PA and offers free on-site parking, and a secure entrance.  

Call 610.248.3600  if I can answer any questions or schedule you for an appointment

 The Regency Towers - Suite 1D
                  1600 Lehigh Parkway East
                   Allentown, PA 18103

T-W-Th 2pm- 9:00pm                        

If you would like me to bill your insurance company this information is required before our first appointment.
    • Is this counselor an in-network provider?
    • What is your deductible? When does it re-up?
    • What is your co-pay?