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Hello and welcome. 
My name is Sharon Berkowitz.

After much deliberation I have decided to dedicate more time to my far flung family and to branch out and assist my husband in managing our landscaping company. While I am still seeing clients, I have slowed to one day per week and ultimately will be leaving my office in December 2018. At this moment the plan is to retire at that time.

I want to humbly thank Every person who has shared so much of themselves with me. I don’t know if you can truly understand how much your trust in me and the bond we have formed over the last two decades has meant to me.  An Allentown resident since 1979, I've been working in the counseling field, both public and private since 1998.

I earned my Licensed Professional Counselor status in 2006 and have enjoyed supervising LPC candidates since 2010. I'm a member of WPATH, ACA, and PCA.

 I've been in my current office since 2006. It is centrally located in Allentown, PA and offers free on-site parking, and a secure entrance.  

Call 610.248.3600  if I can answer any questions or schedule you for an appointment

 The Regency Towers - Suite 1D
                  1600 Lehigh Parkway East
                   Allentown, PA 18103

T-W-Th 2pm- 9:00pm                        

If you would like me to bill your insurance company this information is required before our first appointment.
    • Is this counselor an in-network provider?
    • What is your deductible? When does it re-up?
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