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Depression can be long-term or have an acute onset. You may have felt this way for years or an event in your life has hit you harder and for far longer than you imagined.

The symptoms of depression are debilitating; hurting you and the people around you.
Fortunately, advances in treatment and training in this field have helped transform the lives of adults, teens and children: clients who are "sick and tired of being sick and tired."  ....................... Are you? 

The test below suggests 18 scenarios. If you frequently answer  "yes" or "most of the time,"  you may be suffering from depression.

  1. I've noticed a change in my sleeping pattern such as difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently throughout the night, or oversleeping in the morning.   
  2. I feel like I've lost interest in activities that were once enjoyable for me.
  3. I've been feeling sad, blue, unhappy or down in the dumps; like there's a dark cloud over me.
  4. I feel inadequate.
  5. I feel like a failure.
  6. I  feel left out; not really liked by other people.
  7. When the phone rings, I tend to ignore it even when I know it may be a good friend calling.
  8. It feels like I've been drained of all energy and that to do just about anything will take more effort than I can summon.
  9. I've been crying a lot more than usual.
  10. I've been thinking a lot about my own death.
  11. I've gained weight or lost weight without really trying.
  12. I've been getting headaches, stomach aches, back pain or aching in my joints or muscles that can’t be traced to a physical illness or injury.
  13. It seems as though everything is going wrong no matter how hard I'm trying.
  14. I've been turning down invitations to get together with friends because trying to socialize feels like it will take more energy than I have or because I think my "down" mood will just depress everyone else.
  15. I find myself purposefully or absentmindedly engaging in risky behavior such as not wearing a seat belt, driving carelessly, driving after I've been drinking.
  16. I've been thinking about suicide.
  17. I've been staying home from work or school because of my depressed mood.
  18. I've been drinking/drugging more than I usually do.

The time to get help; to start enjoying your life, family, and friends is now.

There IS a solution!

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Overall, only about half of Americans diagnosed with major depression in a given year receive treatment for it, and even fewer—about one fifth—receive treatment consistent with current practice guidelines.

Despite all signs encouraging mothers to prioritize their own mental health, many suffer from untreated depression while managing treatment for their children's emotional or behavioral problems.

Depression can strike anyone. However, research over the past two decades has shown that people with heart disease are more likely to suffer from depression than otherwise healthy people and, conversely, people with depression are at greater risk for developing heart disease.

By Hugh C. McBride
Researchers who analyzed dozens of studies on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have concluded that the technique is an effective means of reducing symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder in teenagers and adolescents who have experienced some type of trauma. These findings are consistent with previous research into the use of CBT with depressed teens.

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