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 What Is My Next Step?

Here are some suggestions to help you proceed.

1.Decide what you want to see happen through counseling. What are your goals? 

2.Determine the best time/day for you to meet with someone. 

3.Find a few therapists (Psychology Today is one source), who "on paper" appear to have the experience and expertise necessary to address your concerns. 

4.Contact each one. Can you schedule appointments with-in a week or two of your call? And what are the therapist’s out-of-pocket fee if you're paying out-of-pocket or if/when you have an insurance deductible?

5.If you are using insurance make sure to call your company and

  • check that the therapist is an in-network provider. 
  • ask what your deductible is. (REMEMBER: most deductibles will re-start Jan 1. of each year. This is an amount you must pay out-of-pocket BEFORE insurance will begin to pay any medical/mental health costs. And SOME insurance plans don’t even pay for mental health services)
  • ask what your co-pay will be. This is a fee you pay for each visit when using insurance. 

6.A phone call is always helpful in decision-making, however if you meet with someone and you are not 100% comfortable, move on. 

I believe your mental health is equal in importance to  your medical health: shop around. Professionals don’t take these things personally! I
look forward to answering these questions and more in your search for the right therapist. 

And remember...There IS a solution!