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You or a loved one may need immediate help, if the answer is "Yes" to one of the following .....
  • Are you a threat to the safety of another person?
  • Are you in danger of hurting yourself?
  • Is someone hurting or threatening to hurt you?

If you answered "yes" to one of the above OR are having thoughts about suicide or you're worried about a loved one, do one of the following immediately ...
  • Go to your nearest emergency room.
  • Call your local law enforcement agency (911)
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Line* 
    (NSPL) at 800-273-8225

*The NSPL is equipped to take a wide range of calls, from immediate suicidal crisis to providing information about mental health...
  • Call and speak to a trained crisis worker if you feel you might be in danger of hurting yourself;
  • Call to find referrals to mental health services in your area;
  • Call and speak to a trained crisis worker about a loved one who is in danger.